Q: Are you battling ego problems every day –
at work and at home?


A: Now, there’s help –


Right now, download your free eBook, 7 Steps to Manage Ego Problems: The How-To Guide for “Somebody Else.”

What’s in It for You? Right Now:

  • In 7 Steps, nonfiction author tim allston recaps 2016 news events, by asking upfront four probing questions.
  • Learn why neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton nor Kevin Durant nor Tom Brady will want to answer these questions!
  • Meet firsthand the Mother of All Addictions—the silent slow-motion killer surpassing narcotics, alcohol, gambling, pride, depression and all others.
  • Discover the only problem older than Planet Earth!
  • Uncover why not even medical doctors, ministers, therapists, professors or even lawyers can address this addiction problem.
  • Find out why, in 1973, 19 year old tim allston divorced his parents!
  • Learn firsthand his wife’s and daughter’s revelations about him . . .
  • Read what U.S. Social Security Administration, his former co-workers and business partners said about this serial “successful and celebrated . . . failure.”
  • Expose what the author means, by offering no “deodorant, toothpaste, soap and hot water”! And
  • Find out why human resources directors, Christian and other faith-based organizations need to offer this educational training, via seminars or workshops, for their corporations and nonprofit groups.

June 10th 3ABN “Dare to Dream” Broadcast

Click on photo to link to “Adventist Today” article:
Innovators: Can Failure Equal Success?

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Now, download your free e-book and “test-drive” self-help through a unique and lighthearted, first-person Christian perspective—from the world’s first acknowledged ego-holic still recovering.

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