Q: Are you battling ego problems every day –
at work and at home?


A: Now, there’s help –


Right now, download your free eBook, 7 Steps to Manage Ego Problems: The How-To Guide for “Somebody Else.”

What’s in It for You? Right Now:

  • In 7 Steps, nonfiction author tim allston recaps 2016 news events, by asking upfront four probing questions.
  • Learn why neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton nor Kevin Durant nor Tom Brady will want to answer these questions!
  • Meet firsthand the Mother of All Addictions—the silent slow-motion killer surpassing narcotics, alcohol, gambling, pride, depression and all others.
  • Discover the only problem older than Planet Earth!
  • Uncover why not even medical doctors, ministers, therapists, professors or even lawyers can address this addiction problem.
  • Find out why, in 1973, 19 year old tim allston divorced his parents!
  • Learn firsthand his wife’s and daughter’s revelations about him . . .
  • Read what U.S. Social Security Administration, his former co-workers and business partners said about this serial “successful and celebrated . . . failure.”
  • Expose what the author means, by offering no “deodorant, toothpaste, soap and hot water”! And
  • Find out why human resources directors, Christian and other faith-based organizations need to offer this educational training, via seminars or workshops, for their corporations and nonprofit groups.


Now, download your free e-book and “test-drive” self-help through a unique and lighthearted, first-person Christian perspective—from the world’s first acknowledged ego-holic still recovering.

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